Cover picture of Norbert Krueler aka Shamall from his latest release "Schizophrenia"

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  • Interview with Rock City, issue 238:

    Rock City: Tell our readers in a short summary about the band history of Shamall!Norbert: 40 years of DJing at the Aladin in Bremen – of course that leaves traces! In short words, you could say that in 1984 my first musical synthesizer experiments started – at that time the project was still nameless. Even […]

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  • Eclipsed Magazine – “We Are All No Angels”

    Interview with Norbert Krüler “We are all no angels”.Shamall traces the ecological inconsistencies of our actions.By Walter Sehrer Norbert Krüler, aka Shamall, had gathered enough anger in addition to creative abundance to present a new double CD concept album to mankind. On “Schizophrenia” he deals with all kinds of self-tormenting thoughts: “The whole album is […]

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  • Eclipsed Interview with SHAMALL – Musical history lessons in front of a meditative scenery

    c/o Eclipsed, Walter Sehrer, 2016 SHAMALL has presented an impressive collection with the 5 CD box set “History Book”; three decades of band history are a lot of wood, also in the music business. Norbert Krüler aka Shamall made his own musical “feel-good zone” between prog, space rock and electronics. “History Book” offers a rich […]

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