Cover picture of Norbert Krueler aka Shamall from his latest release "Schizophrenia"

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“Surprise of the month: Shamall – Schizophrenia!” – Rock City (13 / 15)

c/o Rock City Magazine, Bremen

In times like these (streams, poor CD sales, hardly any loyalty to the bands – except in Hard Rock / Heavy Metal) “Value for Money” is particularly important.
The fans should get real pleasure from the product CD. With the new double album by Shamall the package is extremely impressive: double-folding digipak, lavish booklet and with 22 songs, a playing time potential that has been fully exploited. And the 18-minute opener and at the same time title track is a real reference song for the Prog Rock / Kraut Rock band from Germany. Massive, with furious build-up, absolutely perfectly produced and qualitatively equal to the “Intro/Welcome” cult song by Streetmark (from the Dry album).

There is no better way to celebrate Prog Rock! The album contains an incredible number of highlights in the period that followed, such as the hard “The inconvenient truth p.I and p.II”, the instrumental but furious “On the run” or the somehow catchy “Foolin’ myself”, to name just a few.

Maybe the best Kraut and Prog album of the last 20 years.

c/o Rock City, September 2020






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