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Eclipsed Rock Magazine: “Shamall – Questions of Life” (2008)

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Review by Walter Sehrer

The album “questions of life” is already the eleventh studio album from Norbert Krueler alias Shamall. The german musician and dj is exploring the cosmic sound universe, accompanied with rapid Floyd guitar and vibrant electronic sounds and inspired by thousands of unsolved mysteries of life (as you can read on the booklet).

As a fan of spacerock, melodic guitars and worshipper of Pink Floyd you may happily flow on Shamall’s long, hypnotic tracks from galaxie to galaxie. In the song “what will happen” Shamall wonders, what might happen after the dissolution of the universe. The artwork of the album, which is evocative of the movie “2001 – space odyssey”, illustrates Shamall’s cosmological philosophizing.

This album contains numerous long guitar solos from “Gilmour’s textbook”, but sometimes – as in “what will happen part III”, synth melodies, which evokes wonderful memories of “shine on you crazy diamond” in particular and to the blessed art of Richard Wright, in general.

The whole album is like an unbridled frenzy of happiness. Either you fly with or you won’t take off.

Rating: 8/10. –c/o Eclipsed, Walter Sehrer, Nov. 2008

Shamall Video – What will happen (2008)

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