Cover picture of Norbert Krueler aka Shamall from his latest release "Schizophrenia"

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  • Eclipsed Rock Magazine: Shamall – Turn Off (8/10)

    c/o 2014 Eclipsed Rock Magazine, Walter Sehrer Norbert Kr├╝ler aka Shamall has stayed true to his very own style with his new double album. This becomes clear right at the beginning, where he marries acoustic guitar with typical Floyd keyboards in a wonderfully spherical way. In addition, machine-like sequencers rattle. Memories of “Wish you were…

  • Eclipsed Rock Magazine: “Shamall – Questions of Life” (2008)

    related: Pink Floyd, Maxxess, Alan Parsons, KrautrockReview by Walter Sehrer The album “questions of life” is already the eleventh studio album from Norbert Krueler alias Shamall. The german musician and dj is exploring the cosmic sound universe, accompanied with rapid Floyd guitar and vibrant electronic sounds and inspired by thousands of unsolved mysteries of life…