Cover picture of Norbert Krueler aka Shamall from his latest release "Schizophrenia"

Shamall – the official pages

Babyblue Pages: “…Versatile Spaceprog…”

Shamall Cover - Turn Off (2013)

…and another excerpt of a review from the babyblue pages:

“….Musically, “Turn Off” features spacey versions of neoprog, hard rock, prog metal and art rock throughout. It is quite contrasting how the music can change between soft keyboard clouds and slamming drums to howling guitars. It also shows the numerous possibilities that the compounds between electronic music and the multifaceted progressive rock can offer. Not to forget the mostly short passages with the electronic music in its pure form. The rockier passages might appeal to friends of Arjen Lucassen’s harder ideas, for example, while the rest of the music on the double CD hardly allows for clear comparisons. From the mood some would be comparable nevertheless perhaps with Eloy, other again with Tangerine Dream, or Pink Floyd after 1974.

“Turn off” is therefore recommended to friends of versatile spaceprog. Especially those who find it particularly appealing when a conceptual work takes up more than one CD….”
c/o 02/2014, Babyblue Pages, S. Zielinski

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